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Exotic Collection SPC

Kalahari PE5501


Pewter PE5506


Natural Oak PE5514

SV5003 Denver

Paradise Collection LVP

Premium Flooring Products

Exotic Collection SPC 5.5mm

Shop Exotic Collection SPC by Premium Floors.

Our most popular Exotic Collection features 5.5mm thick (with pad attached) and premium embossed finish for beautiful interiors. It provides you with 100% Waterproof, Scratch-resistant flooring that last for years 

Paradise Collection LVP 5mm

Paradise Collection LVP features 5mm glue-down commercial grade flooring with 20 mil wear layer for better durability. It is 100% water-proof, scratch resistance and offers 25 Years residential, and 12 years light commercial warranty 

Heaven Collection SPC 6.5mm

Experience Heaven Collection by Premium Floors.

This Floor features premium Embossed finish with IXPE pad attached and painted bevel edge for Premium look. It provides you with 100% Waterproof , Scratch-resistant flooring which last for years.

Flooring Products

The floor is a major part of your home and interior, it affects both the impression and feel of a room.

Flooring Collection

Exotic Collection SPC

Heaven Collection SPC

Paradise Collection LVP

Soft Oak PE5510

Natural Oak PE5514

Misty Coast H6502


Prague Oak H6501


SV5006 Sandcastle


SV5004 Atlanta


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