How to clean SPC flooring?

Every day, we walk over vinyl floors without thinking about the damage our shoes can cause. We all know that dirt and debris from outside get tracked in on a daily basis, but what many people don’t realize is that by simply walking on them with their dirty or wet shoes, they are also damaging the surface of your flooring. Proper care and maintenance of your SPC Vinyl Flooring will ensure a durable product for years to come!

First Cleaning After SPC Floor Installation

After the installation is complete, it’s important to clean your SPC flooring from any dirt or dust particles that may have been tracked in. Mix a solution of warm water and dishwashing soap (about one cup) into a bucket and then mop with this mixture using a damp sponge. This will remove all the loose debris off the surface, which will make it easier to maintain.

Weekly Cleaning Remedies

SPC Flooring should always be mopped using a nonabrasive floor cleaner, without harsh chemicals.
We recommend these natural cleaner recipes for the best results.

– Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is known as an eco-friendly cleaning product. It’s great at getting off grime and dirt without using harsh chemicals. If you’re looking to disinfect while cleaning, you can use distilled white vinegar instead.

– Dish Soap: It is a heavier duty cleaning agent for deep cleaning. It smells better than vinegar but requires more diligent rinsing to prevent soap build-up on your floor.

– Baby Oil, Essential Oils, and Lemon Juice: To add a little shine or a better smell to your vinegar solution, try adding a few drops of baby oil, essential oil, or lemon juice to your DIY floor cleaner. Not too much, though, or you’ll create a build-up!

Now add it all together!
2 gallons of warm water
½ cup rubbing alcohol
½ cup white vinegar
1/8 tsp dish soap (without bleach, oils, or moisturizers)

Thoroughly mop the floor with the mixture. To avoid soap build-up or any unwanted cleaner residue make sure you rinse and dry the floor afterward and not let the water sit on the surface.

Can I Wax The SPC Floor?

Can you wax viny floor? Many people want to keep their SPC vinyl flooring glossy with waxing. Actually, you don’t have to wax viny floor. The SPC vinyl floor doesn’t require wax.  SPC contains a PE coating on the surface that makes it sheen and resist scratch and wear. SPC vinyl flooring still has stable performance in wet areas and high-traffic areas.  That’s why the SPC floor is easier to clean and maintain compared to other types of flooring. 

What happens if I don’t maintain my floor?

The answer to this question may be one you want to avoid: reduced durability, premature aging/wearing out and increased maintenance cost. In addition, dirt from outside air will find its way through cracks and crevices.

Valeriia Vilkova