Does SPC Flooring have a completely waterproof surface?

Vinyl planks looks so much like wood that you might be tempted to ask if vinyl plank flooring can go in a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or anywhere that gets wet. But as it turns out, luxury vinyl flooring is arguably the best flooring for a bathroom. In fact, it’s one of the best waterproof flooring options (so it can go in any of those rooms we just mentioned).

Vinyl is completely non-reactive to water. In theory, it could be wet for days and survive without a blemish (it’s the seams you have to worry about). Even though SPC’s core is made of different materials, it’s still a type of luxury vinyl; therefore, it’s still waterproof vinyl flooring. 

What truly makes vinyl flooring waterproof comes down to its core materials. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is typically constructed from four layers of material and if you desire a 100 percent waterproof vinyl floor, it needs to be a SPC product: Many SPC options also feature an attached pad (underlayment) that offers greater sound insulation, enhanced comfort, antimicrobial protection, and allows for underfloor heating systems.

If you’ve been considering a wood-floor bathroom, SPC flooring offers a great way to achieve the look without the hassle of ensuring the floors are always dried immediately.

Waterproof Vinyl Commercial Flooring Applications

When choosing vinyl for commercial flooring applications, durability will be just as important a factor as waterproof core materials. The thicker the wear layer of a vinyl plank, the more durable the finished luxury vinyl floor will be.

To hold up to commercial foot traffic and regular cleaning, your waterproof vinyl flooring choice should have a minimum wear layer thickness of 20mil. For even better surface protection, a high-quality polyurethane wear layer with aluminum oxide or ceramic bead technology will provide even more durability in a commercial setting and preserve a better appearance over time. 

Valeriia Vilkova